Writing Round-Up: Oct '14

The clip at which high-quality writing springs out of the Internet today is comparable to that of Geocities anime sites back in the 90s. And sometimes, with just as many gifs. (Looking at you, Grantland.)

At times, it's overwhelming. How are you supposed to read it all and still get your work/sleep/eating done?

I'm here to help: Each month, I'll be collecting my favorite pieces and posting them here. Because we could all use a few more hours of sleep.

My picks for October:

Dear Team, Michael Signorelli -- Howler Magazine

A hilarious nod to an overlooked genre of fine literature: the rec-league email chain.

The Mushroom Whisperers, Kate Siber -- 5280 Magazine

Full disclosure: This was the last piece I fact-checked for 5280 Magazine. It's also a great profile on a pair of fellows making a living in Colorado's second—and maybe more fickle—gold rush: mushroom foraging. (Not going with the title "Fun Guys" seems like a bit of a whiff, though.)

After The Fall: Bob Dylan's "The Basement Tapes Complete," Sasha Frere-Jones -- The New Yorker

Another masterful album review/essay from Frere-Jones that manages a bit of Dylan history, too. Interesting that this archival grab-bag probably wouldn't have made it out of the cellar if it weren't for today's click-and-choose technology.

Sex Is Sex, But Money Is Money, Svetlana Z -- Medium.com

Fascinating insider's view of the life of a New York City escort. Insightful and informative, there's business advice here that any freelancer could benefit to learn.