Friendly Sounds from January

I’m gonna start rounding up new songs that are in the Top 40 in a cooler parallel universe here. Naw, they aren’t all from January. But I found them all there. Find ‘em (and more) all on this Spotify list.

Angelo De Augustine, “Time”

The left 10 tabs of my browser are strictly reserved for articles I’ll never read but sometimes do. I kept an old-ass essay on how capitalism invented time there for like a week before I read it this morning, and let me tell you, it wasn’t worth it! Don’t read!

Anyway, speaking of time, this is one’s a cheek-wetter. One of those that, 30 seconds and one Buffalo Springfield tease in, you know you’re going to wear out within the week.

Sunflower Bean, “King of the Dudes”

If there ever was a musical written from the perspective of a denim jacket as it got passed around over the decades, this would be the first number it sings, fresh outta the factory and onto the shoulders of some delinquent Iowa teen, collar lashed with Camaro wind. It whips ass.

Rival Consoles, “Fragment”

One minute 39 of what it feels like to be alone, on a train to get breakfast in a foreign country. (BTW, if you like ambient music [esp. to write/work to], check out this Tumblr I made.)

Vampire Weekend, “2021”

From the creator of that Netflix anime you didn’t watch and that very funny podcast you should be listening to.

The new Vampire tracks are straight-up socks-with-sandies planted on a Peace Frog-stickered longboard. AKA, that part of dadhood where you stop giving a shit what people think and start embracing what you love. AKA, nostalgia x comfort². Feels good.

Nilufer Yanya, “In Your Head”

So fun hearing a new artist like this that’s so immediately unique yet essential. (Probably what it felt like to be the person that invited strawberry milk back in...I wanna say the early eighties.)

Also, her name is a fun word scramble. You can almost spell “nilla wafer.”

Scott Hirsch, “No No”

I think I saw Aquarium Drunkard refer to this as JJ Cale on cough syrup. It’s great.

Ryan Adams, “Fuck The Rain”

Second for second, my most played jam of January. Fair warning: if you don’t have suburban memories of being a potbellied middle schooler crying on the foil of a KFC Triple Zinger Crunch sandwich between bites of fried potato wedge alone in your room, it might not land.