Dylan Owens is a {{Positive-Adjective}} writer and director living in Los Angeles, Calif. His favorite movie is {{Your-Least-Favorite-Film}}. It is funnier than you remember. He hates {{Your-Favorite-Film}}. It is pretentious. He was the music editor of The Denver Post and has written for Rolling Stone, Billboard and {{Your-Favorite-Brand}}.The best moment of his life was interviewing {{Band-Name}} after their show and drinking {{Number}} {{Type-of-Drink}}s with them in the {{Type-of-Room}} of a {{Chain-Restaurant}}. Getting bitten on the {{Body-Part}} by {{Plural-Animal}} was the worst. He owns two typewriters. Their names are {{Cool-Name-for-a-Dog}} and {{Terrible-Name-for-a-Child}}. You may borrow one.